Photo Credit: Dr. Stephani Nonas from the Department of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

The HQSC High Value Care Subcommittee was created in 2016 with a primary purpose to provide education for residents to improve clinical documentation to more completely capture accurate diagnoses and acuity of patients. Subcommittee members meet to discuss methods for improving resident documentation and develop education resources for the residents.  This year, the subcommittee members partnered with the CDI Education Committee (an administrative committee) to develop a Compass module that will be used by house staff hospital-wide to introduce the importance of clinical documentation and provide education to improve resident documentation.

The Compass module will be introduced in June 2017.  Future projects under consideration include pilot projects in the medical ICU to develop specific documentation improvements and evaluate how these changes may impact the adjusted risk of mortality scores, severity of illness scores, observed to expected mortality ratios and requests for documentation clarification.


Sub-Committee Members:

  • Aravind Bommiasamy, MD - General Surgery

  • Katherine Hagen, MD - Neurology

  • Fran Hardaway, MD - Neurosurgery

  • Adam Hoverman, DO - Preventative Medicine

  • Jessica Rice, MD - Neurology

  • Stewart Weber, MD - Neurology

  • Stuart Zeltzer, MD - Family Medicine


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